For the Ride of Your Life

About Us

About Us

FITS is dedicated to the art and science of riding apparel. Known for its PerforMAX™ leather technology, FITS riding wear is the first and only choice for thousands of equestrian athletes.

Our patented products are the result of an intense pursuit of giving the wearer an enduring advantage and comfortable fit. We constantly research the physics of riding; the spectrum of technical materials; and the newest sewing techniques, seeking the characteristics that matter most—high performance, outstanding comfort and flattering fit.

The FITS design team are themselves riders, with years of state of the art athletic product development experience. All FITS designs are born out of repeated trial and unmatched commitment to quality. FITS is proud to have raised the bar for technical innovation in equestrian wear. We invite you to wear FITS, For the Ride of Your Life.

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Lida Bard’s Bio

Lida Bard has ridden horses since the age of 8. Horses were her first love and once she found Eventing at the age of 11, she never wanted to do anything else. She was heavily involved in pony club until she was 16 and rated through the C-1 level.

Lida grew up in Tewksbury, New Jersey. After graduating from high school Lida went off to Elon University where she received a BA in Creative Writing. Lida’s parents moved to Aiken while she was in college. She is very hands on taking care of her four horses on the family farm. FITS breeches have been Lida’s favorites for years and the purchase of FITS is fulfilling her dream of having a career in the equestrian industry. Lida is very much looking forward to designing new FITS products. Lida is also a skilled sewer, having learned from her mother at a very young age. Prior to purchasing FITS, Lida worked at Aiken Downtown Development Association. She headed the in-house marketing, worked on organizing community events, prepared bi-weekly newsletters, updated social media accounts and made sure the day-to-day operations ran smoothly.  She frequently interacted with the Aiken Chamber of Commerce and local downtown businesses to promote and grow downtown sales.

Lida is a member of the Aiken Young Professionals’ Association as well as the South Carolina Writers’ Guild. Lida has two amazing dogs, a Boston Terrier named Olivia Rose and a Jack Terrier mix named Maisy, who join them in the FITS office in downtown Aiken where Lida will oversee production and product development.