FITS Rider: Hawley Bennett

I was introduced to FITS by fellow FITS rider Laine Asker, while competing in the spring of 2009 at the Jersey Fresh CCI. From the moment I pulled on the All Season Zip Front Full Seat breech, I fell in love. They are truly the most comfortable riding pants I have ever worn!

The true test for me was when I came back to the California climate and the heat of riding a bunch of horses each day. I have not had any rubs or uncomfortable moments since wearing these breeches. I have not ridden in anything else since acquiring FITS! HawleyThey are extremely durable and wash very well (even when I do the laundry, which is saying a lot!!!!) I wear the Champagne Waffle Tech show shirt and matching stock tie for dressage and have gotten many compliments. The All Season zip front full seat breeches are my choice for XC and Show jumping, as they give me extreme security in the saddle, while looking great. I would HIGHLY recommend FITS for every discipline!!

Hawley Bennett

Lives In: Temecula
DOB: 1977


Gin & Juice,



Miracle Save,

Canadian Spy

Hawley BennetHawley Bennett is an upper level event rider who has represented her home country of Canada in the Olympics. Currently based at Kingsway Farm in Temecula, Ca., Hawley has a thriving event barn full of up and coming students. Her hard work ethic, enthusiasm for the sport and talent in the irons has resulted in her ability to top the scoreboard at international events.

Hawley is originally from Langley BC

Hawley Bennett:  2010 WEG Team Eventing Silver Medalist

Learn more about Hawley Bennett at www.hawleybennetteventing.com

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