Care Instructions 

Care Instructions

Your FITS breeches are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship available. To keep your breeches looking and wearing great for a long time please follow these care instructions: Wash breeches separately machine-wash on delicate cycle or hand wash. Use Leather Therapy(R) gentle laundry soap. Always rinse thoroughly. When wash cycle is finished, remove promptly from washer and hang or lay flat to dry indoors at comfortable room temperature. 

FITS patented perforated leather incorporates the use of talcum powder in the tanning process to achieve just the right matte finish and grip properties. You can maintain the attractive matte finish and create the perfect grip for yourself by occasionally putting a little talcum or baby powder on your hand and rubbing it lightly into the leather to your own desired finish. (Leather must be completely dry).


             FITS Recommends

FITS recommends Leather Therapy® Leather Laundry Solution for best results to help clean, maintain, and restore the supple feel of the leather. Available for purchase online and through retailers worldwide. 




Do not use bleach, regular detergent, OxiClean™ or fabric softener.
Do not use hot water
Do not dry in dryer
Do not dry clean.